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Bellagem is a privately-held company founded by Graduate Gemologist, Frank Circelli and is based in Georgia.

The company purchases rough and cut colored stones from all over the earth and goes through the painstaking process of selecting only the very best of the best. Our strict set of standards produces the highest-quality and most extensive variety of gemstones and fine jewelry available in the world featured mainly in our own designer line “The Circelli Collection” named after our Founder.

Our client list includes resellers, gemstone collectors, jewelry connoisseurs, celebrities and those who seek heirloom quality jewelry. Now in our third decade of business, our focus remains the same: Tell the truth, share knowledge and give customers the best deal they ever got in gems and jewelry!

Founder and President of Bellagem, Inc.

Mr Circelli’s passion for colored gemstones started as a child with a love for minerals, fossils and natural sciences. Later in life and after obtaining his gemological degree, Mr Circelli was personally trained by one of the best senior gem cutters in America. Soon after, he began building his gemstone business and traveled to the most remote areas of the earth to buy rough directly from the mine owners. This often put him in life-threatening situations and in volatile environments. In 1984, he started cutting his own gemstones and built a wholesale business with a passion to educate jewelers and to establish industry-accepted wholesale pricing levels.

As an innovator in the field of gemology, Mr Circelli launched the first and original colored gemstone show on television, “Gemstones with Frank” over 20 years ago; specializing in rare gemstones. Always striving for perfection, he was motivated to create a Shopping channel based on three principles: Honesty, Integrity and Education:”The Gem Shopping Network”. Mr Circelli recently sold GSN and continues to share his knowledge and passion for gems thru his wholesale company Bellagem.